Thursday, March 7, 2019 6:30 PM       On-Site Party 
LIHI - Meadowbrook View                            
Join us for our party off of Lake City Way. We will be playing games, face painting, having a fun craft along with cake, ice cream and gifts! A great way to volunteer with family or friends!
Party size (Children): 35      (Adults): 10
Party Needs:
Gift   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    Boots size 13, Perfume, LOL Dolls and toys, Science books and kits.
Gift   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    LOL Surprise toys, Perfume, Science Kit, Purple skirt size 8, Shoes/Boots size 13
Gift   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    Disney Princess toys, Trolls (from the Movie), Pants size 4T
Gift   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    Remote Control Car, Black Boots size 4 1/2,Michael Jordan Basketball Jersey/Shirt size 10
Gift   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    Paint Set, Toy Cooking Set, Princess Dress Up, Tiara
Juice   Donated by Elizabeth (Betsy)    
Cake   Donated by Denise    
Ice Cream   Donated by Regina    
Volunteer   Donated by Elizabeth (Betsy)    Ballard Elks
Volunteer   Donated by Marty    Ballard Elks - Marty Paulson
Volunteer   Donated by Mark    
Volunteer   Donated by Mariah    Ballard Elks
Volunteer   Donated by Nancy    Ballard Elks
Volunteer   Donated by Megan    Ballard Elks
Volunteer   Donated by Monica    
Volunteer   Donated by Cecilia    
Volunteer   Donated by Thai    
Volunteer   Donated by Lindsay