Wednesday, June 19, 2019 6:00 PM       On-Site Party 
YWCA Passage Point                            
Join us for our onsite group birthday party at the beautiful YWCA Passage Point in Maple Valley. Let's bring a fun time to these children on the third Wednesday of the month with games, face-painting, goody bags, cake and ice-cream. The party is from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.
Party size (Children): 25      (Adults): 15
Party Needs:
Gift - 12yr Girl   Gift    Painting canvas, sketching pad and pencils, paints/art kits
Gift - 17yr Girl   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    Vans HIGHTOP shoes (7.5), Adidas HIGHTOP shoes, Hoodies (XL), Adidas Gift card
Gift - 3yr Male   Gift    Scooter/Helmet, Nike shoes (10c), Toddler bedding set blue PJ Mask
Gift - 4yr Girl   Gift    Learning toys, video games, summer clothes (5/6T), Shoes (12)
Gift - 5yr Girl   Gift    Blow up Unicorn Sprinkler, Children's digital camera (pink/purple), Walkie/Talkies (pink/purple)
Juice   Donate Juice    
Cake   Donated by Theresa    
Ice Cream   Donate Ice Cream    
Volunteer   Donated by Theresa    
Volunteer   Donated by Theresa    
Volunteer   Donated by Elana    
Volunteer   Donated by Melisa    
Volunteer   A donation for this item is currently being considered.    
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