Wednesday, October 16, 2019 6:00 PM       On-Site Party 
YWCA Passage Point                            
Join us for our onsite group birthday party at the beautiful YWCA Passage Point in Maple Valley. Let's bring a fun time to these children on the third Wednesday of the month with games, face-painting, goody bags, cake and ice-cream. The party is from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.
Party size (Children): 25      (Adults): 15
Party Needs:
Gift - 13 yr Boy   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    PS4 games, Gift card to Footlocker/Macy's, Shoes 9.5 Jordan Flights, Clothes - Jeans Sz 32 mens, Nike shorts (XL)
Gift - 3yr Girl   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    Child's Tablet, Jacket (3T), Peppa Pig or Unicorn toy
Gift - 5 yr Girl   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    Bubbles (Bubble Gun), Movies, Tablet, Books
Juice   Donated by NCL Sammamish    
Cake   Donated by Julia    
Ice Cream   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    
Volunteer   Donated by Erin    
Volunteer   Donated by Scott    
Volunteer   Donated by Julia    
Volunteer   Volunteer    
Volunteer   Donated by Brayden    
Volunteer   Volunteer    
Volunteer   Volunteer    
Volunteer   Volunteer