Wednesday, June 19, 2019       On-Site Party 
Mary's Place Northshore                            
Mary's Place Northshore is a great emergency shelter where we deliver gifts, cupcakes and goody bags.
Party size (Children): 30      (Adults): 20
Party Needs:
Gift - 2yr Boy   Gift    Clothing (Sz 4T) Socks with cartoons, Toy trucks, cars, legos, Anything with cartoons
Gift - 2yr Boy   Gift    Cars, buses, trucks, bikes, Duplo legos, New Reader books, balls
Gift - 4yr Boy   Gift    Play Doh set, Toy tools, Planes/Trains, Toy Truck for construction
Gift - 8yr Girl   Gift    Age appropriate gifts
Goody Bags   Donate Goody Bags    20
Cake   Donated by Denise    
Delivery   Donated by Dilnaz    To Kenmore by 5pm