Friday, March 8, 2019      Birthday-in-a-Box  
Multi-Service Center                            
This is an Emoji themed Birthday party for a girl turning 6! Her favorite colors are gold and pink. She loves to play dress up, with Barbie's and on her mom's phone. She also loves to sing and dance. 

Gift ideas: 
Tablet or Leap Frog Learning System
Light up Scooter
Tennis Shoes Size 1
Barbie Dream House
Barbie dolls with stroller
Fortnite Sweats shirt size 7/8, Pants 8/10
Hair supplies, Beaded Pony tale holders, Earrings, necklaces
Party size (Children): 16      (Adults): 8
Party Theme: Emoji
Party Needs:
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Gift   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    Tablet or Leap Frog Learning System, Light up Scooter, Tennis Shoes Size 1, Barbie Dream House, Barb
Juice   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    
Cake   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    White cake with Vanilla Buttercream
Party Supplies   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    
Delivery   Donated by Mae    Please deliver to Kent by 5PM