Thursday, May 16, 2019      Birthday-in-a-Box  
Cocoon House                            
This is a Mermaid themed Birthday party for a girl turning 18! She in into planes, roller skating and swimming. Her favorite colors are navy blue, red, coral , white and black.         
Party size (Children): 13      (Adults): 4
Party Theme: Mermaid
Party Needs:
Click here to donate entire contents of this Birthday-in-a-Box (does not include delivery)
Gift   Donated by Amber    Visa and/or Amazon Gift Cards, Sundress with flowers/hibiscus size M, Outdoor Skates
Juice   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    
Cake   Donated by Kristine    Chocolate cake with chocolate whipped frosting
Party Supplies   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    
Delivery   Donated by James    Please deliver to Everett by 5PM