Monday, September 23, 2019      Birthday-in-a-Box  
Vision House - Renton                            
It's a Glow party for this 15 year old young lady!  Favorite colors are Neon Pink and Neon Green!!  She likes Paint, Writing, and Shopping.  
Party size (Children): 16      (Adults): 8
Party Theme: Glow
Party Needs:
Click here to donate entire contents of this Birthday-in-a-Box (does not include delivery)
Gift   Donated by Wende    Ulta Giftcard, Nail stuff, Personized items with name), Clothing store Giftcard
Juice   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    
Cake   Donated by Aubrey    White w/ Vanilla buttercream frosting
Party Supplies   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    
Delivery   Donated by Mae    To Renton between 4-5 pm