Thursday, March 19, 2020       On-Site Party 
Mary's Place Northshore                            
Monthly group party at Mary's Place Northshore.
Party size (Children): 20      (Adults): 30
Party Needs:
Gift - 12yr Girl   Donated by Nancy    Basketball, Jacket or Sweater (Black), Lead Pencils
Gift - 4yr Girl   Donated by Nancy    Frozen pillow/blanket, Anything Frozen, Things for dress up parties (Make-up, jewelry, etc.), Art supplies
Gift - 5yr Girl   Donated by Nancy    Stuffed Unicorn, Bike, Sparkly bow, Doll
Gift - 7yr Boy   Donated by Nancy    Beyblades with Stadium, Monster truck, video game, bike
Goody Bags - 20   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    
Cupcakes   Donated by Jennifer    
Delivery   Donated by Lee