Friday, March 20, 2020      Birthday-in-a-Box  
Sophia Way                            
It's a Lego party for this boy turning 9!  His favorite colors are blue and red!  
Party size (Children): 16      (Adults): 8
Party Theme: Lego
Party Needs:
Click here to donate entire contents of this Birthday-in-a-Box (does not include delivery)
Gift   Donated by Caren    Bey Blades, Bey Blade stadium, Assassin Creed for Nintendo Switch, Winter coat (16/18), Matell Rock 'Em/Sock 'Em robot game
Juice   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    
Cake   Donated by Aaron    Cupcakes (24) please, White w/ vanilla buttercream frosting
Party Supplies   Donated by Friends of Birthday Dreams    
Delivery   Donated by Tiffaney    To Seattle by 5pm