Thursday, May 4, 2017 6:30 PM       On-Site Party 
LIHI - Meadowbrook View                            
Join us for our newest party off of Lake City Way. We will be playing games, face painting, having a fun craft along with cake, ice cream and gifts! A great way to volunteer with family or friends!
Party size (Children): 40      (Adults): 20
Party Needs:
Gift - 18 year old boy   Gift    Fred Meyer gift card and/or high top tennis shoes (sz 8.5)
Gift - 2 year old girl   Gift    Teletubbies DVD or toy, a baby doll, musical toy and/or kitchen foods or toys
Gift - 6 year old girl   Gift    Anything My Little Pony or Barbie, Arts & Crafts supplies, headphones
Juice   Donate Juice    
Cake   Donated by Joan    
Ice Cream   Donate Ice Cream    
Volunteer   Donated by Regina    
Volunteer   Donated by Regina    
Volunteer   Donated by Caysi    
Volunteer   Volunteer    
Volunteer   Volunteer    
Volunteer   Volunteer