Friday, June 9, 2017      Birthday-in-a-Box  
No Shelter                            
Happy Birthday to this trio of siblings celebrating their birthday together! They are as different as they can be, so this party is a combo of Batman, Shopkins & Barbie. Please see individual children for gift ideas.
Party size (Children): 16      (Adults): 8
Party Theme: Themed
Party Needs:
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Gift - 8 year old boy   Gift    Outdoor games, scooter, skateboard, punching bag and/or Legos
Gift - 8 year old girl   Gift    Doll accessories, play diaper bag, Barbie and/or Legos
Gift - 9 year old girl   Gift    Doll accessories, play doll toys, Barbie and/or Legos
Juice   Donate Juice    
Cake   Donate Cake    Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting
Party Supplies   Donate Party Supplies    P/U @ Office by 5pm