Thursday, March 1, 2018      Birthday-in-a-Box  
Mary's Place White Center                            
Mary's Place White Center is a great emergency shelter where we deliver gifts, cupcakes and goody bags. Looking forward to someday having a group onsite party there!
Party size (Children): 30      (Adults): 20
Party Needs:
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Gift - 1 year old girl   Gift    Push/ride on toy, soft dolls, light up/musical toys, shoes (sz 4)
Gift - 1 year old girl   Gift    clothes (sz 18m), walker, baby dolls, shoes (sz 4)
Gift - 2 year old boy   Gift    anything Thomas the Train, Hot Wheels, PJ Mask Dvds or toys
Gift - 3 year old boy   Gift    trains, shoes (sz 8), learning tablet for toddler, big plastic trucks/cars
Gift - 3 year old girl   Gift    Princess dolls, Doc McStuffins, princess shoes (sz 10/11), Doc McStuffins Dvd
Gift - 5 year old girl   Gift    Barbie dolls, baby doll accessories, Play Doh sets, Twinkle Toes by Sketchers (sz 12)
Cake   Donated by Denise    
Delivery   Donate Delivery