Bringing hope, joy and a sense of self-worth to homeless children with the gift of a birthday party.

Celebrate Together - Virtual Gala 2020

Join us for a week of fun and giving with great contests and a family friendly drive-in movie night. We are sad that we cannot be together as we have in years past and we will miss you dearly. We invite you to get together with friends for dinner and join us for a live-stream show.

This year’s theme is – your choice! We’d like to invite each party to come up with their own theme, have fun with it and dress up. Brainstorm some fun themes – Hawaiian, decade themes, black and white, Alice in Wonderland, Hollywood, so many great ideas. We will feature your party during the live stream! We all love the dessert dash and great food. We will keep those same traditions – virtual-style.

Sign up as a Birthday Dreams’ ambassador. Lead your team to reach your joint fundraising goal.

Join us for Drive-in Movie Night

Sign up for a house party. Don’t worry about food – we will cater! Just you? We’d still love to have you.