Bringing hope, joy and a sense of self-worth to homeless children with the gift of a birthday party.

We Celebrate Them


Birthday Dreams relies on community support to achieve our mission. But there are many ways you can support us with a financial gift.


Birthday Dreams is blessed with an army of volunteers dedicated to bringing smiles to kids on their birthdays. But we always need more.

Why Birthday Dreams?

Bringing hope, joy and a sense of self-worth to homeless children with the gift of a birthday party.
Why are birthdays are so important - watch this video!

Miles for Smiles Virtual 5K

Are you ready to Run? Walk? Cycle? Sprint? Dance? Party?

It's time for the annual Miles for Smiles Virtual 5K! Register/join a team today and start spreading the word. The event be active from Friday, May 19th through Friday, June 2nd.

You can run, walk, or roll at your own pace and in your own way – it’s the steps and movement that matters!

Sign up and start the fundraising. You can even make it a fun competition within your team or between teams. Who can log the most miles? Who can raise the most funds? Who can recruit the most team members? Who can get the most photos for the photo scavenger hunt?

Every child matters. And homeless children are no exception.

Birthday Dreams works tirelessly to make birthday parties happen for the most vulnerable among us. A birthday party is important for a child because it:

  • Marks the day that child was born, validating who they are.
  • Creates a positive memory in a sea of negative, homeless memories.
  • Helps to ease resentments and bitterness.
  • Puts homeless children on similar footing with their peers.
  • Gives the child joy and hope when his/her life seems hopeless.
  • Creates a feeling of togetherness and dignity for the child and his/her family.
  • Shows the child that the community cares and that they are important.
Won’t you join us in bringing a smile to a homeless boy or girl?

King 5 Interview with Chris Cashman

Chris Cashman did a wonderful interview highlighting the work we do and our upcoming Miles for Smiles Virtual 5K.

Tribute Giving - Birthdays


Studies show that 84% of adults would prefer to receive a meaningful gift that would help someone else rather than a traditional gift such as clothing or electronics. Give a gift in the name of a loved one that will bring excitement and hope to a homeless child.

Join our Birthday Club

The Birthday Club is our new donor recognition society. Annual gifts of $250 and more will help restore a homeless child’s dignity and sense of hope and joy with the gift of a birthday party.