Bringing hope, joy and a sense of self-worth to homeless children with the gift of a birthday party.


Donate today to bring joy to a homeless child! All donations are appreciated.

Example donation levels:

  • Goody Bags for 4: $10
  • Cake: $25
  • Birthday Gift: $75
  • Gifts and Party Supplies: $100
  • Birthday-in-a-Box (includes goody bags): $150
  • Sponsor a Group Party at a Shelter (average montly cost): $250
  • Goody Bag Supplies for one month: $625
  • One Birthday-in-a-Box each month for a year: $1500

Thank you! You are making an impact.

Words from a special teenage boy as he reflects on his Birthday Dreams' party:
"I was at a time where I felt like nobody even cared about us. It was a sign that there’s still good people out there, and that really changed my view on things too."
"There was no worrying, no anxiety. I don’t remember anything negative about the day, it was only positive."
"I think everyone should be happy on their birthday. No matter what age you’re turning, another year is a milestone. The fact that a kid gets to be happy, and have good people around them and not feel anything bad during that day, is worth everything."

From a mom regarding her young son: "It was the difference between despair and hopelessness to faith in people and sunshine in a sea of darkness. It showed him that people really do care and want to help."