Bringing hope, joy and a sense of self-worth to homeless children with the gift of a birthday party.

Client Testimonials

What do the homeless children and families think about the birthdays you provide?

Relieving Stress for Parents

The feedback below was provided by a mother of two who has found herself in a difficult financial situation after her children's father left. She feared she would not be able to give her child a birthday, until a local shelter put her in touch with Birthday Dreams.

"Birthdays can be expensive and stressful especially when you're struggling financially but want to give them [your children] the best...What an awesome experience you [Birthday Dreams] provide...My son doesn't get to hang out with his friends too often...having a day where his friends can hang out and celebrate him has made him so happy...from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Feedback from the Mother of Three

The feedback below was provided by a single mom of three who was able to give their child a birthday party to remember, thanks to Birthday Dreams. This is why, with your support, we continue to do what we do:

"Being a single mom of 3 children can be financially challenging... not being able to afford gifts when it's your child's birthday is such a guilty, hopeless feeling.. it's a relief and a weight off my shoulders when Birthday Dreams helps...[my child's reaction was] excitement and joy... it makes a tremendous difference when birthdays come around, that Birthday Dreams goes above and beyond with each individual child's birthday."

Minecraft Party for a 13 year old Boy

Tiffany, a mother of a 13 year old boy who received a MineCraft birthday party at a shelter in Everett, told us:  

“My son, Niko, wasabout to turn 13 in October 2023, and I was not in any position to provide him with a birthday party.  My ... caseworker told me that Birthday Dreams could help, and she set up the connection with the Birthday Dreams team. His favorite thing in the world at that time was MineCraft, and once the Birthday Dreams team found this out – they got to work!  The party experience was just so amazing! From the gifts and goody bags to the custom-made MineCraft cake that had three layers, everything was just perfect! 

She goes on to say, “None of this would have been possible for us without Birthday Dreams. This program really helped me feel like I wasn’t letting my kids down. It really gave me an opportunity not to stress about providing my kids with a good birthday party or paying those bills. At this moment in my life, I was a mom struggling with so much and these parties really did help me get back on my feet and provided me room to take a breath, provide some joy and love to my children, without worrying about how I could do it. – THANK YOU BIRTHDAY DREAMS!”


Thank you for the thought that went into making my sons birthday that much better. We loved everything from the drawings on the party bags up to the Justice League cake and the well picked out gifts!  Thank you!  - from mother of 9 year old boy

Salvation Army - Catherine Booth House

It was 7 days in! We had just gotten our new warm, remodeled home after 49 days of transition. for me, as his mom, to know that all is set up, and I just have to make some food and then celebrate! There are truly no words to define the euphoric feeling and relief. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tacoma Rescue Mission

Thank you’s from families at the Tacoma Rescue Mission

  • Thank you so much for all the amazing gifts and parties youthrow for our children! Your team is amazing!

  • Thank you to Birthday Dreams for all of your generosityproviding parties and gifts for our kids!

  • When we were unable to get gifts for our kids, you blessedthem! Thank you.

LIHI Meadowbrook

Thank you for making my birthday one of the best ones I had. Although I never celebrate as often, I am truly blessed to receive gifts & celebrating it! - 13 year old girl


Thank you so much for the special cake and party box, it made my birthday memorable! I loved how the box was such my style. Thank you again. Sincerely, the birthday girl!

I am so happy that an organization like this one exists. I've lived in Seattle my whole life and this was my 1st time being "low income" and living in transitional housing and I'd had absolutely NOTHING to give my child for her 13th birthday. It's so wonderful you guys came though. I'm truly indebted to you. Thank you. Sincerely, Rebecca (Mom)


The toys were great! Age appropriate and she liked everything she got. The decorations made her birthday feel very special and she was excited about the balloons. :) Thank you again for your generous contribution to Emily's 1st birthday, you really made a dream come true. Sincerely, Mom!! :)

Kenmore Shelter

As a single mom, my boy's birthdays can be very stressful... It is hard to scrape up the money to get them one thing on their birthday lists. I cannot tell you the joy in my heart when I saw the birthday box filled with EVERYTHING we needed for a fun birthday celebration.